Mould Material

TP2 is a kind of material is selected by most of the steel plants.It shows excellent heat-proof and anti-fatigue property under high temperature and it has good processing property. CuAg0.1 with 0.08%-0.12% silver during copper ingots melting will increase the recrystallization temperature of copper by 100C, which will increase the heat stress and anti-abrasive property of copper mould tube interior surface, showing better heat resistant property than TP2. Cu-Cr-Zr is a kind of copper alloys which can be normalized by time.It has excellent mechanical property under both room temperature and hight temperature. It has hight heat conductivity, melting point, anti-fatigue and anti heat stress properties. Their outstanding features make it different from the previous copper alloys. It combines all good properties together. But compared with other copper alloys, Cu-Cr-Zr is difficult to be formed with higher products costs.